I don’t know whether this is just me, or whether it’s something that applies to everybody, but I must say that I am awfully attached to each piece of clothing that I own. Now, this isn’t because I have some materialistic love of all of my clothes, rather, it is because they are attached to the memories of all the times I was wearing them.

Let me specify with an example: I have a regular black t-shirt. I can remember several English lessons from my last year in sixth form where I was wearing it (I really loved those English lessons), I wore it at my sixth form leaver’s party, I wore it when I first visited my internet friend Mairi Mac Arthur, I wore it when I took part in my friend David Tubb’s At the Castle Gate video (and subsequently, while observing a strange man on the bus) and I can also remember just odd days while spending time with various friends when I was wearing it. As such, whenever I wear this shirt, I’ll be reminded of all of the fun things I did while wearing it in the past, and since it’s attached to all of these memories it’s infinitely more valuable than any old black shirt.

And, of course, every single piece of clothing I own is attached to various memories of mine. I’m not sure if everybody thinks like this or not, it’s not something which is commonly discussed. But I see my clothes as a clear connection to things which happened in the past. I may be in different states of mind and change in appearance as I get older, but these clothes always look the same and they all make me feel nicely nostalgic when I think about their previous outings. Plus, whenever I buy a new shirt, I can’t help but wonder what days it will see…

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