The Mystery of the Reading is Cool Shirt

Just in case anybody reading this entry doesn’t know what my Reading is Cool shirt is, here’s a picture of it just to show you:
I designed it myself on this handy little website and I’m really very fond of it. One day, while eating some messy food, pizza I believe, I accidentally got a dollop of tomato stuff on it. Before I continue with this anecdote, I’d like to just say something in my defence: had I been eating dinner at the dinner table, this almost certainly wouldn’t have happened, but there was junk all over the table and so I had the tricky task of eating off of my lap from the sofa. As you can tell, I didn’t succeed.
    Anyway, I popped the shirt into the laundry basket and waited for it to come back out as white and pure as it had ever been. However, when the shirt did come out I was faced with tragedy: the tomato gloop had stained it and left a couple of reddish blots on it.
    Just when I had given up hope for the shirt, a friend of mine suggested that I use it as a pyjama shirt instead of an everyday shirt. This was an excellent idea! While it did have the downside of me being unable to show everybody that reading is, indeed, cool, it did mean that I would still be able to wear it and I wouldn’t have to throw it out! So, from then on, the shirt had received its demotion to pyjama shirt (but was still useable).
    After two nights with it as a pyjama shirt, I was downstairs one evening while my brother was bringing in the clothes from drying outside. To my big surprise, the Reading is Cool shirt was along with them! Now, I hadn’t put the shirt in the washing, so this seemed very odd to me. As did the fact that its stains were now gone… I went upstairs and found that it had disappeared from under my pillow (which is where I keep pyjamas) and all I could do was wonder what on Earth could have happened.
    Okay, well, most probably I, for some reason, put it into the washing while a little tired in the middle of the night and then just forgot I’d putten it in there. Though, of course, if I mentioned that it would make the whole entry entirely unoteworthy…
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