Colin Makes a New Friend

I mentioned recently, that I had spent a small amount of time in London. It was during that evening that my friends decided that they would like to visit a nightclub and so I came along with them. We visited a nightclub called ‘Mother’ and it was the standard affair: hundreds of people crammed into a tiny space in the boiling heat while deafening music played with water bottles not permitted.

After I’d been in there for an hour or so I realised that a woman was looking at me and headed in my direction. I became slightly concerned when I saw her, because in the past I have had unpleasant experiences in nightclubs. She got closer and closer and held her hand out, reaching towards me.

“Well, you look nice,” she said and I braced myself, preparing for an unhappy grabbing.

It was then that I realised that she wasn’t actually talking about me. Instead it was Colin, who was sitting in my breast pocket, that she was referring to. She pulled him out of my pocket and started examining him.

“Yes, he is very nice,” I said. “His name is Colin.”

She gave Colin one last look and then popped him back into my pocket and left. It was nice to see him making new friends like that.

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