I was walking down towards the wilderness sometime last year. The sky was a dark-bluish grey because it was fairly late and would soon be dark. It was around winter time, so it was pretty cold, but it was the nice crisp chill of winter so I didn’t really mind, especially after doing up the buttons on my blazer. I’ve mentioned in previous posts the problems I’ve had with wasps, and so, this entry will show the problems I’ve had with cows…
    To get to the wilderness I have to pass through this fairly small field where there is occasionally kept a herd of cows. On this day those cows were in that field but, luckily for me, on my way there they were all bunched up in the corner of the field and far away from the path. As such, I walked on to the wilderness without incident.
    When I was standing at the top of the hill that overlooks the whole area I saw that there was a slight mist around the woods, making it all look much nicer than it usually does. The dark sky above it coupled with the shroud of mist gave it a kind of mysterious look, one that I really appreciated.
    After I’d wandered around there and enjoyed the view for about an hour (there was now barely any light at all) I decided to turn back and head home. Bizarrely, when I was back on the path which went through the cow field, all of the cows were huddled together in a kind of circle in the middle of the path. I thought this was a little suspicious, but decided I’d just walk around the cow circle and ignore them.
    However, as soon as I started passing the cows practically all of them turned to face me and began walking slowly towards me. I couldn’t really continue in the direction so the cows were slowly backing me up towards the edge of the field. I reached for my Trusty Water Bottle and swiped it at them a few times, hoping they would turn back and run away in fear, but unfortunately they totally ignored me. Realising that swiping at them wasn’t going to do any good, I decided to try scaring them off in a different way. Specifically, I tried scaring them off by squirting water at them. Again I realised that this wasn’t going to work, so I returned my water bottle to my pocket.
    Before long I would have been pushed all the way up to the edge of the field and crushed amongst the cows. With no other option, I quickly turned and tried to run away from the cows in the small gap between them and the large bush at the edge of the field. Cows are a little unintelligent, so it took them a while to realise I had started running away, but once they had they all turned and began to run after me in a large group. Due to the fact that I have only two legs and they have four, they were speedily catching me up, the problem being now that cows running all over you is much worse than cows slowly walking towards you.
    Luckily for me, as I said before, the field was pretty small, so before long I had reached the stile (which I virtually jumped over mid-sprint) and I was safe on the other side of the fence. The cows had all stopped running and were all stood around the fence, staring at me with their murderer eyes. But all I could do was laugh, I’d escaped and those cows and now they were left stupidly staring over the fence at me.
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