Slender Man Theory

Have you ever heard of the Slender Man? (Visit this page if you haven’t.)  As you can see it’s a very interesting thing. Some people claim it was created by some people on the internet, others that they by chance copied something that was real and other still that it became something real after the fake images of it were created. It’s actually pretty hard to find real information about it.

Personally I don’t believe that the Slender Man is real, supernatural things like that always leave me sceptical. Having said that, the Slender Man is very interesting to me, even though fake, the many pictures of it on the internet are really creepy. You can even find a very long (fictional) series about it on YouTube on the channel Marble Hornets.

By anyway, here’s my crazy theory: the Slender Man is supposed to be a supernatural entity that appears as if it were a tall and thin man wearing a suit. Supposedly, it can be found in the woods and in other areas of wilderness, basically anywhere that it can joyfully hunt you… I wear a suit (well, from a distance it would look like I wear a suit), I’m tall and thin and I spend a lot of time in the wilderness… Maybe people have just been seeing me taking a stroll? 😉

I apologise for a rather short and silly entry today, but without time to write a longer one this will have to do. Hopefully I should have a charger again within the week and therefore be able to use my laptop again and so be able to write better entries and not have to accidentally miss days.

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