Creative Ups and Downs

I’ve been sitting here for a ten minutes or so trying to think of what to write for today’s post. Every Friday I have the same thing. It takes me quite a while to think of something substantial to say in my third blog post of each week, so I end up staying up really late because I keep putting it off. It is almost always the last thing I do on a Friday. Meanwhile, on Mondays, I always have an idea in my head all day which I write as soon as I get the chance to do so. It’s very clear to me that my creative energies are a higher level on Monday than they are on a Friday. It’s interesting to reflect why this might be – as I have to use my creative energies for my job, it’s possible that they are all drained by the time I get to Friday night.

I think that this highlights the importance of planning out when you’re going to try and write (or do something else creative.) Imagine you’ve set a specific hour out of the week or out of the day for you to do some creative work – you might find that you get to that the time or that hour and can’t create anything. This may lead you to wrongly conclude that you are struggling because you lack creative abilities, when really it could just have been a bad time. It’s important to try and identify the times that your creative energies are at their peak. Once you know this, you can try to make a schedule around it based on these spikes in your creativity. This could help you to be more productive and, more importantly, more creative.

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