Shifting Perspectives

I have two main ways of looking at the world. One’s a more positive perspective and one’s a more negative perspective. I spend a good 95% of my time in the positive perspective and when I feel like that, life is wonderful. I look at my friends and I feel like I have everything I could need in life. I know lots of different people and I care very much for them while they care very much for me. I feel as though I am very lucky during these times and it’s easy to remain positive as a result.

Sadly, the other 5% of the time I can’t help but think about how all of those friends will eventually leave me. The world seems a dark and lonely place and no matter how many friends I make, it feels like it will never be enough to keep myself from ending up feeling sad and alone. It’s an endless struggle to make new friends as others leave to avoid becoming lonely –  a struggle in which I ultimately cannot succeed.

Thankfully, the other 5% of the time is, in fact, only 5% of the time. But it’s a shame to find myself falling into that unhappier perspective again and again as time goes by, even if it’s only ever temporary.

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