So I picked this doll up (the one in the picture) at the Bath and West Show recently. Her name is Martha Mae and she is supposed to be a female African slave. Of course, it looks very offensive, but that’s because it was made to resemble the dolls of the 19th century. She’s also kind of creepy looking as you can see.
    So when I got home I sat Martha on top of one of my bookshelves in a position so that she was facing towards my bedroom window. Then one night afterward I decided that I would stay up a little later than usual and do some writing. When I was done writing I looked away from the screen of my laptop, yawned and stretched. But when I did it, I noticed that Martha was not sitting in her usual position, instead she facing me. Initially it made me jump, but then I realised there would be a rational explanation and just moved her into her original position. But still, at the time it seemed to be pretty creepy!

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