The Flow of Time

I’m getting towards the end of my time in school; I’m in Year 13 and now only have to come in to do my exams. Of course, technically I could have left school in Year 11 and gone to a college or simply started working, but I didn’t do this because, firstly, I would like to have a good education to be able to have a reasonable job in future. Also I wouldn’t have liked to be apart from my friends (though now this will inevitably happen soon anyway).

My time at the Corsham School (which is the name of my secondary school, just in case you were unable to figure that out) seems to me, to have been incredibly long. So much has happened in my life that is particularly significant while I have been in this school. In my seven years there I have been on countless trips to places I never would have gone otherwise, met some many people who I’ve really cared for, had my Dad die, learned to actually enjoy reading books, discovered that water is the nicest drink, been to countless parties and ended up in many uncomfortable situations that would later be hilarious stories when I told them to people. It seems like such a long time.

Anyway, I’d better get back to the main point of this entry rather than spending too much time talking about irrelevant things. When I was in Year 12, I took part in a small Paired Reading scheme where I had to help a boy with his reading every afternoon. Today I saw that boy and said hello to him and I was rather surprised when he reacted as if it was very strange of me to say anything to him. I, initially, was confused, but then I realised, I did paired reading with him over a year ago, I knew him when he was just starting in Year 7, now he’s almost in Year 9. In a period of time that, to me, seems to have gone by very quickly, but for him, he’s gone through a significant portion of his time in the school and it must seem like ages since I last spoke to him. When, in the past, I was told that time passes faster as you get older I never really believed it and, until today, still didn’t. What summed it up best for me is that I was sitting in my friend’s house earlier today and saw a poster he got for Christmas and thought “Oh yeah, that’s his new calendar!” but the calendar is six months old, it’s June and I was still thinking of it as being the start of the year.

I can’t really think of a good way to end this entry, but I’ve just been feeling very nostalgic lately.

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