Funnily enough, somebody once actually placed a curse on me. It was a cold morning back in 2008 and there was a slight drizzle. I was standing around outside the school with some friends and waiting for the school day to begin. There was an air vent on the side of one of the more modern buildings and warm air always blew out of it which made it ideal for cold mornings.
    While standing there, I noticed somebody walking along in my direction. This was somebody who, for some reason which I can’t quite remember, never really liked me. I never thought of him negatively, but I did find certain ideas of his to be rather silly. One time I remember, for example, he had a camera in the class and he kept telling me specifically not to touch it, imagining I would break it or something and then, when he was out of the classroom doing something else, I had to touch his camera because it was in the way of what I was doing and he was furious.
    Anyway, he didn’t like me at all, but I kind of regarded him quite fondly. This morning, when I saw him coming along, he altered his walking path and started heading towards me. He often had these little lectures that he liked to give me, about behaviour standards that he thought I should adhere to.
    “I’m going to put a curse on you,” he said in, as books often put it, a very ‘matter of fact” kind of way.
    “Oh are you?” I said. “I’ve never been cursed before. What will it actually do?”
    “It will mean that you’re going to die young,” he said and smiled rather maliciously.
    “Well, that’s not very nice,” I said. “I don’t suppose you could give me an exact date?”
    “Don’t ask such silly questions!” he said, and walked off.
    So, I guess, if I end up dying while I could still be considered ‘young’ it might just be a case of fantastical homicide! Still, a good seven years have passed since then and I am still living. It’s been the opposite of a curse, really, as all it’s done is provide me with an interesting anecdote to share with friends!

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