Political Propaganda

I feel a little bad for, perhaps, having written a few too many politically oriented blog posts lately. If you don’t like posts like that, I’m sorry and I will probably stop after the election has passed. As the election is coming up I keep coming across lots of political propaganda and I want to talk about political propaganda in general.
    Most of the political media I’ve stumbled upon (and by that, I mean, most of the stuff I’ve seen without looking for it) has been pro-Conservative type stuff and the gist of most of it is “if you vote for Labour they’ll ruin the country” which is rather childish, I think. If the only way to make yourself look good is by making somebody else look bad, perhaps you don’t actually look that good after all? Of course, if you are trying to advocate your party, it’s reasonable of you to bring up the flaws in the opposition’s policies… But that isn’t what happens.
    I see the Conservatives doing it a lot but I don’t want to suggest that they are the only ones to produce such substanceless propaganda, every group does it and, really, it’s rather sad. None of the groups really, properly talk about what they’re doing and it’s all a rather pointless charade of lies and misrepresentation. For people with busy lives, working full time hours, they don’t have much time to look into all the facts behind each party and it’s pretty disappointing that all of the actual important issues are brushed aside in favour of worthless poitical rhetoric.
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