Different Mediums

I’m quite happy that I’ve been keeping this blog to a standard I’m pleased with for nearly four years, and I’m quite happy that I’ve been developing my webcomic for nearly three. They’re both things I want to continue doing for as long as possible too. Beyond these, I’ve also written hundreds of short stories and a couple of pieces which are novel-length and I certainly hope to get much more prose of this type done. I’ve also dabbled a bit with poetry and have recently tried very hard to get better at drawing on Microsoft Paint so that I can make illustrations. I’ve been working on my photography skills for a few years too.
    That’s about all of the artistic mediums that I’ve managed to have a good try at so far, but, honestly, I really want to try them all. I want to make pictures which, on their own, are a piece of art (rather than being things to tie in with my other work), I want to be able to compose music, I want to make video games (of various kinds) and to write scripts. I suppose I just have a creative hunger for all mediums (I don’t really believe that you can express yourself wholly in a single medium) and filling all of them is a kind of an eternal goal for me. I say eternal because it’s such a big an ongoing task that I think it’ll keep me going for a life time. I’d honestly become extremely depressed if I knew I’d not be able to write another blog entry, take another photograph or produce any kind of art ever again.

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