My Favourite Season

I’ve been working at a new job for a little over a month now and, when I started, it was dark when I woke up and dark when I left the office for the day. It was a little bit of a shame, because I was pretty much inside for all of the daylight hours. Now, however, it’s still light for about an hour after I finish work and I’m pretty pleased with how quickly it’s changed. It’s a nice sign that spring is arriving
    I like spring, but would I call it my favourite season? Well, yes and no. Every season is my favourite season. I think the process of the seasons works perfectly; I’ll get really excited when it starts to get warmer, only for me eventually become a little bored with it and then excited for it to become colder again; just in time for it to do so! For me, the change in weather is quite a significant thing, as it always makes me happy. I think if you were to make a chart of my happiness, it would always be very high but it would have peaks every time the seasons change.

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