Don Quixote and Modern Celebrities

Before I write this entry I would like to point out that I usually get annoyed by interpretations of books that obviously were not the intention of the author (for example claiming that Frankenstein is about child abandonment), but this entry is about what the book Don Quixote reminded me of and I think it’s slightly funny.
    In this book, the main character is driven literally insane due to reading too many books and so then begins to imitate exactly the behaviour of the knights of chivalry from his books. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the way in which some people today imitate exactly the behaviour of certain modern celebrities. These two things are especially similar in that Don Quixote ends up in a lot of trouble for his behaviour and ends up doing things like running into windmills and hurting himself (mistaking them for giants), meanwhile people imitating the ‘celebrities’ of today end drinking to excess and vomiting in the middle of the streets.
    Although, having said that, I am not at all suggesting that these celebrities should be censored from television or anything due to being a bad influence. I’m just saying that there are some people who copy the bad behaviour of some celebrities and this leads them to do bad things, just like crazy old Don Quixote.
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