Return to the Clubs

This Monday I went to the clubs of Bath for the second time, so this entry and the next will be about that.
    When I arrived I was with a few people who I don’t know all that well and they decided to go to a small restaurant/bar next to the cinema. In there they decided to buy a couple of large pitchers of drink that everyone put money towards. It was only after I’d paid and started drinking it that I realised that it was actually an alcoholic drink. Since I’d already been drinking some and put money to it I decided I’d finish my share of it, though I hadn’t intended on drinking any alcohol. Once we were all finished there we made our way to a place called Revs (well, Revs is actually the bar’s nickname, it is short for Revolution).
    The reason everybody had gone to the clubs that day was because it was my friend Milo Goodspeed’s birthday so when I arrived I decided I would buy him a drink as a gift. Now, it just so happened that on the way to Revs I was given a token for one free shot of any alcoholic drink with anything that I bought, so I decided that, when I bought Milo’s drink, I would get a free shot of vodka seeing as it was free and everything.
    Unfortunately, once I sat down with my shot, lots of people got the wrong impression and assumed that I had suddenly become a huge alcoholic, so then I was asked to pay a small amount and share another pitcher with some people. I asked my good friend Michael Wing whether or not the amount of alcohol in those pitchers was very high and he assured me it wasn’t, so I agreed to drink from another of those pitchers. I kind of wanted to help them out anyway. Once I had finished with that, I returned to Mike and, as I had already had quite a lot (by my standards) to drink, I made him a preposition: I would drink any amount of alcohol he wanted me to on the condition that in future he, and others, wouldn’t pester me to drink because I sometimes give in and have one drink, which I don’t like doing. Mike really liked to idea and told me to buy a shot of vodka which I did. After I drank it I thought to myself “Hmm, Mike seems like he’s being generous, I don’t think this’ll be too bad!” then, however, Mike showed me the menu again and told me to buy a row of six shots of vodka each flavoured differently.
    Once I’d bought it, I carried this tray of shots back to the table. I quickly drank down each one and was pleasantly surprised by the round of applause I got from the rest of the people at the table. The last shot, chilli vodka, made it feel as if I had eaten fire so Mike kindly gave me a cup of ice cubes to eat in order to cool down.
    To end this on a cliff-hanger, I then realised I needed the toilet, but in Revs the toilets had a man in them who you had to tip and I had no change…


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