Dr. Pepper

Back in the summer of 2007, before I had discovered the delights of a Trusty Water Bottle, I was quite a fan of Dr. Pepper. Every day, me and my friend Ben Wood (and sometimes Dalfino Madrigal Keyte, too) would pop into town after school and my Dad would buy us each a delicious bottle of Dr. Pepper.
    Anyway, one summer’s day, I decided I would bring a bottle of it to school so that I could have a nice drink if I got thirsty in the heat. I was sitting in my Food Technology class with my old friend Danielle Tyler, when I decided that I wanted some of the Dr. Pepper. Of course, the rules were, that only water was allowed to be consumed by students in classes, and so I would have to have my drink secretly, if I wanted it at all. I looked around and realised I couldn’t see the teacher.
    “Has she gone?” I asked Dani.
    “Yeah, she went to do some photocopying,” she said.
    “Oh good!” I said happily.
    So, I reached into my backpack, pulled out my Dr. Pepper, and opened it up. Sadly, the bottle must have gotten a little shaken up, as when I removed the lid, the liquid surged to the top and burst out all over the table. Just at that moment, I saw that my teacher was heading towards the room, and I forgot to mention earlier, she was probably one of the strictest of them all. I tried, and failed, to mop it up with my school organiser book.
    “Adam, what’s all that on the table?” the teacher asked when she came in.
    “I don’t know,” I said, “It’s pretty gross, it was just all over the table when I came in.”
    Dani’s laughter, and the fact that it was an obvious lie, meant that the teacher did not fall for that.
    “Why is it on your shirt as well then? Do you have a drink in your bag?”
    “Yes,” I said sadly, and she took it away from me.
    And with that, my one and only attempt at bringing a Dr. Pepper drink into school was brought to an end.
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