Elliott Egan


With a lack of any ideas for my blog, today I just did what I was told to and wrote an entry on Elliott Egan, as he suggested. While he is intentionally shockingly sexually explicit at times there’s nothing really that wrong with him. Plus, maybe sometimes he DOES steal my phone and send rude text messages (please stop), his qualities outweigh the badness. He’s able to drink pretty large amounts of alcohol, and some people think that’s pretty impressive, so I guess that’s worth mentioning. You can’t see it in the picture, but there are braces on the teeth in his mouth, I’m sure there’re several fly young girls (to use cool language) who have explored them with their tongues on the dance floor at a happening nightclub. He’s a frequent partier, so you know he’s a chill guy. He also once was heard to say “Lets rob that boat” which lead on to some crazy adventure that I’d better not go into too much detail about.  
    So yeah, that’s Elliott Egan. A crazy, sex obsessed party animal… But a noble sex obsessed party animal who knows his rights and wrongs.
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