Emotional Control

There’s something strange that I’ve noticed about myself recently. I’ve been reacting extremely positively to things which are generally only a little nice. If somebody says something kind to me, for example, I’ll be completely moved by it. I can’t really explain why I have been feeling such strong positive emotions, but it’s nice. Naturally I’m quite prone to sentimentality and this only goes to push that even further. In a way it’s strange, because I almost feel that I no longer have full control over my emotions, but it’s also nice because whenever somebody does anything kind towards me, I feel like they’ve made some kind of huge gesture. I find it interesting, really, because all of my emotions seem to be coming with an exclamation point at the moment. I can’t explain why that might be, perhaps it’s because interacting with friends is becoming increasingly rare, and so I’m appreciating it more now that it has become scarce. I’m not sure, but it’s an interesting phenomenon and one I wanted to make note of.

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