A friend of mine has recently started their own business called Kitewriting. It’s a very exciting idea based around proof reading, content writing and workshopping. The world of writing is one which is hard to get into, so I admire my friend’s decision to make their own work. I can personally vouch for them and say that I have full faith in their writing abilities and believe anybody who uses the service is going to be very satisfied. Even if you don’t want to be paying for anything like that right away, there’s a lovely blog on there which most writers are likely to enjoy. What I especially like about the website is the coupling of professional writing with personal writing; sure they each have their own section, but I like how each are considered equally valuable and it doesn’t put one above the other. If you’ve been looking for a service like this, then I heavily suggest you give it a try! I will certainly be using Kitewriter to make some small enhancements to the Trusty Water Blog

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