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Picture Back in 2012 I was very, very happy. I was in the middle of my Creative Writing course at Bath Spa University (which I enjoyed very much), I had excellent friends who I could visit regularly, a ‘second home’ in Bath where I could sleep over whenever I wanted and I was also in the middle of a bit of a ‘creative boom’ where I produced lots of things I was very proud of, including the start of my webcomic. As it was such a special time, I bought myself a smiley face badge in order to symbolise that happiness. I continue to wear that badge every single day to provide myself with an ongoing link to those especially good times and as a symbol of happiness and goodness (two things I like very much).

I like this badge very much. Interestingly, just a few weeks ago I met up with and old friend of mine for dinner and a catch up. Once I’ve reached a certain level of friendship with somebody, I never really stop caring about them and so, even though I had not seen this person since 2009, I was still extremely pleased to be meeting up with them again. Of course, I was wearing the badge during the meal and at one point my friend asked whether I had had it when I last saw them. I had to tell her no, because I didn’t, but I was very pleased that she thought I had; as if the smiley face badge suits me perfectly and is an appropriate reflection of myself. I like that, though I got it in 2012, it seems to appropriately reflect the earlier years of my life too.

In years to come, I’ll still wear that badge; even if it gets battered and rusty. Even if I lose touch with those friends (and I hope I won’t), I’ll still wear the badge. It will always be a physical connection to that excellent year and a reminder of how good life can be.

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