Famous Interactions

For today’s blog post, I thought it’d be fun to make a list of all the times I’ve met or interacted with people and so that’s exactly what I’m doing!
– In 2011 at the Corsham Sci-Fi Day I met actor Danny John Jules (Cat from Red Dwarf). I had my photograph taken with him and he referred to me as ‘the small one’.
– In 2012 I attended the Corsham Sci-Fi Day again (this time along with David Tubb) and saw Danny John Jules a second time, this time along with Chris Barrie (Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf). David and I got them to sign a lemon, and lemons later played a big role in an episode of Red Dwarf
– At that same event in 2012, I met Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who). I got him to sign a DVD and he was shocked at how much they were charging per thing he signed (but it was for charity, so, it’s fine).
– In 2013, I travelled to London with Dalfino Madrigal Keyte to see a Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld at a Jake and Amir live show. At the end we got to have a short chat with them and I even sneakily got them to appear in a strip for my Finger Puppet Show webcomic.
– A few months ago I sent a message to internet feminist Laci Green on Twitter and she sent a reply… I’ve sent her others afterward and she hasn’t replied though.
– On his 90th birthday, my favourite author, Earl Hamner Jr., received a book with special messages from several fans in it, including me. I later received an email from him which included an invitation to dinner!

(Don’t miss today’s Finger Puppet Show!)

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