Seriousness and Silliness

I was out with a group of friends just the yesterday and one of them said to me “everything you say sounds like the punch line of a joke” which I thought was rather interesting, if not a little strange. I tended to think I was quite a serious person; but I wonder just how many people think I’m always trying to be funny? My friend said that they noticed my intonation usually went up towards the end of statements, and while that may be part of the reason, I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I have a feeling I may have put my finger on a deeper cause.

I think it’s very important to take all things very seriously. Imagine, for example, the world champion at Tiddlywinks; now, some people might think that that is quite an odd achievement and laugh at the idea of it. But to the Tiddlywinks World Champion, it’s not silly at all, it’s his or her whole life and who am I to question their decisions? So I like to take all things seriously, because there will always be someone, somewhere who cares very much about it. Perhaps that, in itself, is a silly thing to do. Maybe even the Tiddlywinks World Champion doesn’t take Tiddlywinks seriously. Perhaps I’m taking things seriously which never really need to be taken seriously and so that then make it appear that I am being silly myself. You do have to step back and laugh at how ridiculous you are every now and then, after all.

I find it very curious really, to find that people perceive me very differently to how I perceive myself. Whether or not it’s a good thing, I can’t decide.

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