First Real Entry

So it’s actually very difficult to think of anything to write in a blog. But for my second entry I’m going to put a little spin on Dalfino’s silly suggestion that I do a ‘sex blog’. Now, when I suggested the perfectly innocent name ‘The Deep Box’ to Dalfino he said to me “Oh, that sounds a bit suggestive…” and I just stared at him with the same blank expression that an elephant gets when it sees a Segway scooter for the first time. But then later I was talking to my friend Davey about Dalfino’s crazy suggestion and we started talking about ‘The Deep Box’ and he said “Heh that just sounds like somebody has a ‘bucket’.” now, it took me a second to realise what he meant, but then I remembered the context in which he had used the word in the past… So this is what will be the subject of my second entry, the sexualisation of words. It reminded me of an English lesson I had where I learned the ‘other’ meaning to the number ’69’ and when I learned that the word ‘ejaculation’ was only used in the sexual sense these days. So basically, there’s nothing that can’t be sexual these days, which is a little alarming. I mean, only a hundred years ago it was perfectly acceptable for a man to ejaculate into a bucket, but not anymore. It can lead to embarrassing misunderstandings!
    In case you haven’t noticed, this is another entry that isn’t completely serious.
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