So Dalfino Made me Start a Blog

So, I was sitting in the Study Room next to Dalfino and all of a sudden he gets this crazy idea that I should open a blog.

“A blog!?” I remarked.

“A blog,” replied Dalfino with all the seriousness and audacity of a man who had just witnessed his family being murdered.

So then I opened a blog, and this is it. Dalfino talked about his own planned blog “The Deep Box” as I suggested he call it (Dee as in a condensation of ‘Dalfino’ the ‘p’ on the end standing for ‘personal’ and the ‘box’ part referring to his mind, or his ‘box of thoughts’ as many established scientists would call it). Initially Dalfino suggested I make a sex blog. Obviously, this wasn’t something I was going to do. So I decided that my first entry would just be about how I have just opened a blog. This has been a mostly non-serious blog entry, ‘ll probably write proper things in the future. Thank you for reading this (if you’ve just been reading this.)

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