I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic lately and thinking a lot about all the people from my old sixth form. Two years ago, I was really quite a different person, much more strict than I am now. My friends would all go out to parties and events that were mainly alcohol fuelled and I’d reluctantly come along too and then end up annoyed because I found all of the sex/drugs/alcohol that they were into was rather boring and not my kind of thing. So, for a while, I stopped going to any of them, rather antisocial I guess but I wasn’t really enjoying myself at these places so I didn’t see the point in going.

However, as time went by I began to mellow to all the crazy things that my ‘fooligan’ friends seemed to enjoy doing (Fooligan being my affectionate nickname for the group of them) and started coming out with them once every so often. While I still never wanted to join in with the crazy sex/drugs/alcohol stuff, I still enjoyed myself while I was out with them, often ensuring that they didn’t drunkenly harm themselves. I may have ended up in several rather awkward situations with maniacs on the dance-floors of night clubs, but, while uncomfortable at the time, they still gave me stories that I could write up and use for this blog. I decided that, even though it’s not my ideal pastime, I still have fun and enjoy going out with my friends.

Now the majority of my friends have moved away to go to universities that are far away from here and, while I do have new friends (who are pretty wickedsick kind of people) they can’t replace the old ones. These new friends are very different, rather than being taken to nightclubs, I can play writing games with them or be subject to magic tricks, I don’t mean to disregard them at all, I’m very happy to have met them, but you can’t replace people with people. The strangest thing is, going out to the parties and things with my friends, which I used to hate so much, is now something I kind of miss.

Sorry if this entry is rather melancholy! It wasn’t supposed to be.

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