Weather Forecast

__Surprise, a bonus entry for today! Basically, this’ll just be a small entry to talk about the weather. Thanks to AOL News I read an article about how the temperature is supposedly going to rapidly drop by the end of the week and snow will start falling very soon. All I can say is that I hope it’s true. I mean, I know the big downside of snow; I haven’t had a cold yet this winter but I imagine this would cause me to catch one, and my cheap Converse-style shoes definitely won’t be able to withstand the snow, meaning they’ll be soaked. Plus, I do have to travel fourteen miles most days to get to university, and snow would probably make this a lot harder/annoying (not that it’s hard or annoying at the moment). But I think all of these bad things are really worth it, the last two Christmases have taken place when there has been snow and it’s very cold, and that’s added a lot to the festive feeling of the day. Before then, I don’t remember there being any snowy Christmases and I never really cared, but since we’ve had two now, I’ve gotten used to it, and I’ll be very disappointed without snow this year… So let’s hope that this forecast about possible snow by the end of the week is true!

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