Ghostly Adventure

I’m a very logical, scientifically minded person. I’m going to tell a ‘ghostly’ anecdote in today’s blog post, but I don’t really believe that there’s anything but a rational explanation for all of this. Nonetheless, I did have an unusual and noteworthy experience during a visit to the graveyard the other day and therefore thought that it would be worth sharing here on my blog.
   On Thursday, I was heading to the graveyard in order to take some photographs for today’s Finger Puppet Show strip. I always go to the older part of the graveyard, which is over one hundred years old and which is most often empty. You see, I don’t really like to get regular people in the backgrounds of my pictures, as it feels wrong of me to upload things that have images of unconsenting people in them, even if they are blurry and unrecognisable. Of course, sometimes I can’t avoid it, but I certainly always try to.
   When I arrived at the quiet, old part of the graveyard, I could hear somebody walking around, so I didn’t take the camera out right away. I assumed somebody was there and wanted to wait for them to leave so that they wouldn’t walk into the background of any of my photos. However, while the sound of footsteps continued, nobody appeared and I couldn’t see anybody so I decided to take my pictures. Curiously, when I turned on my camera, it was going through some strange kind of distortion that I’ve never seen before and the picture on its screen was not very clear at all. It reminded me of the way camera’s react to Slender Man in things like Marble Hornets. So I could hear footsteps, but could see nobody at all and my camera is acting strangely, all in an old graveyard. Plus, when I showed a friend of mine the pictures, they thought they could see ghostly shadows in the background, but since they didn’t really stand out to me, I won’t share them.
   Likely, the camera issue was a random glitch and the sound of footsteps was either wind or an animal scurrying in the grass, but still; it’s a fun and ‘spooky’ set of occurrences which make up my ghostly adventure. I hope you enjoyed reading it!
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