Halloween Thrills

Halloween is a funny time of year. With other events that I like, like Christmas, I get excited very far in advance and think about often. With Halloween, I generally don’t even think about it until October, but when it does arrive I tend to get quite excited. This is a little weird, I suppose, because I very rarely actually do anything on Halloween, but it’s just the time of year. Things are just starting to get colder and darker and everywhere you see there are things made to be creepy and spooky. I love it!
   But, in a way, it is rather strange that anybody likes Halloween. The idea of Halloween is to celebrate things which frighten us; but being frightened is a negative emotion. Why do we enjoy being scared? Well, I think there’s a huge difference between enjoying the creepy feeling of a ghost story and anything which people will actually find scary; like the idea of becoming separated from friends. I think, therefore, that Halloween allows us to simulate the feeling of fear (often through things like books and movies) so that we can appreciate the feeling of an emotion, but not actually have to experience actual fear. It’s fun to watch a creepy film, for example, because you know that nothing in it will ever really happen, but you’re having fun pretending that it could and therefore enjoying a faux version of the emotion. That’s my take on it, anyway!
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