Surprise! I decided to do an extra entry before the end of the year. I just got this idea before going to sleep last night and then made it today. Sorry to anybody who prefers the normal entries over the Finger Puppet Shows, that’s three in a row I’ve done now! The normal schedule of two normal entries and one Finger Puppet Show a week will be back soon. I guess I’d better explain this joke, since it’s a little obscure and only a small number of my audience might get it: That’s John-Boy Walton from The Waltons, and in The Waltons they always spend ages saying goodnight to each other at the end of the day, but Pelly the Parrot will literally never stop repeating, so he keeps the process going all night! This’ll probably be John-Boy’s only appearance in a Finger Puppet Show, for two reasons: first, he’s really hard to photograph and, second, he’s a copyrighted character, and I’d rather use characters I make up myself. I just got John-Boy as a Christmas present from my Mum and I was eager to feature him somehow on my blog; this was the result!
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