Guessing Names

You know what must be very hard? Guessing people’s names with no clues on the first time you meet them. Well, at the risk of sounding terribly arrogant, through some big fluke, I’ve actually managed to do this two times.
    This first was with my old friend Hayley Wiltshire. For some reason I can remember this happening in the boys’ changing room at The Corsham School, but this seems odd since, as I’m sure you can guess from her name, she is female. But, anyway, this was my first year in secondary school and I thought that she looked very similar to somebody in my primary school who was also named Hayley, so, as a joke, I called her Hayley too and, as it turns out, I was right! I remember, when she replied to that name, I said “Wow, so your name is actually Hayley!” which she thought was rather strange, and then wouldn’t believe that I guessed it when I explained.
    The second was with my friend Jon Williams (who I sadly do not have much contact with anymore). Coincidentally, this also happened in the boys’ changing room at The Corsham School (except it was the other one, there are two). I remember that my friends were all talking to some person I didn’t know, and that they all seemed to know him. As such, I decided to join into the conversation as if I knew him as well and, following my previous success, I decided to try and guess his name. Since ‘Jon’ is a very common male name, I decided to call him that, and it just so happens I was right again!
    So, yes, with two of my friends, the first time I met them I correctly guessed their names. I’m not quite sure how to end this entry, it’s not building up to me getting sexually assaulted, or any punch line or anything, as they usually do, it’s just two small anecdotes about guessing names. That’s it.
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