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In recent times, I’ve made a fair few job applications. My CV does, of course, make reference to the fact that I run this modest little blog, so I suppose it’s not impossible that some potential employers are snooping around here, trying to find out some more information about me. (If you are an employer who’s doing that: well done, 10/10 recruitment research skills there.)

And I guess you’re mostly looking for some kind of indicator that I would be a suitable candidate. Looking around this blog, you’ll soon find that the posts are a mixture of funny things, sentimental things, book reviews and video game reviews. What does that tell you? Why, it tells you that I am somebody with heart and a sense of humour! And the reviews tell you that I have refined appreciation for our culture. Exactly the kind of person you want around the office.

Plus, there’s a good chance that I applied for a content-based position and through reading these blog posts you’ll quickly discover that I am a top rate writer. I mean, everything I say comes out sounding like it sounds good, right, yeah. (Ha – hilarious self-deprecation there.) But, I mean, I have also applied for some non-content roles and you may be thinking “this guy’s good, but he’d probably be happier as a writer” and if that is the case – please change your mind! I only apply for jobs I want to have – I’m not being forced to apply for any random jobs by a “work coach” at the Job Centre. Being told I’d be happier as a writer is such an annoying reason to be turned down for a job.

On the other hand, you might be thinking “What an enormously unorthodox and unprofessional thing to do, I cannot possibly hire this person” but if that’s your attitude, do reconsider. My CV and cover letter are both very professional and this blog is just a passion project where I write whatever I like – nobody is professional 100% of the time. Also, check out this blog post, because one past employed read this before my interview and loved it! I got that job, so, you know… I’ll just leave that link there so it can work its magic again. Pretty funny right? With a tinge of deep emotion. Superb! Sublime! (The second word isn’t really a part of my day to day vocabulary, but I remember English Literature lecturers using it a lot to talk about good writing.)

Now I’ll just sit back and await your emails. No, it’s okay. You can all do it at once. Honestly, it will be quite an ego-boost if I open my inbox and find about ten emails inviting me to an interview. No, you’re not being a nuisance at all. Why, of course I’d be happy with a higher salary! And my own office? You’re too kind! Too kind! I’ll be seeing you very soon.

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