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I apologise for not making an entry yesterday, due to problems with internet connectivity I was unable to write and post an entry yesterday. So this week I’ll post today instead of Monday and then the same as usual for the rest of the week.
Several months ago I had been warned by my history teacher that I would be having to write an essay in exam conditions (along with the rest of the class). Unfortunately it just so happened that this practise essay was going to be taking place around the same time as an English coursework deadline and a History coursework deadline (History was broken into two classes, Tudors and Soviet Russia, it was a Tudor essay and a Russian deadline), as such my time went towards working on the coursework rather than revising for the essay.
    Now, History was a subject that I scraped Ds in when I did revise, thus meaning that if I didn’t revise the overall grade would inevitably be unimaginably low. As such, I decided I had no need to take this practise exam particularly seriously. However, I wouldn’t like to set a bad example on this blog, so nobody should ever do what I did in this test, revision is always very important, please bear that in mind while you continue reading.
    Anywho, about five minutes into the test I decided it was time to take action to ensure that this wouldn’t be an entirely boring waste of time for me. I made a subtle glance towards my teacher to be sure that she wasn’t looking in my direction and then used the hand that I wasn’t writing with to reach into the pocket of my jacket. I clutched something that was highly useful and slowly pulled it out. In a minute or so I had my Game Boy Pocket out and was playing a game of Tetris. I know that there is in existence a persistent myth that males are unable to multi-task and I hope that this story provides some counter evidence to it. I continued to write my essay with my right hand while playing Tetris with my left.
    This was actually my second attempt at playing Tetris during a History lesson; the first had gone rather poorly. I’d been happily playing away on Tetris when my teacher said “Adam can you please put your phone away and stop texting” I made a narrow escape due to her misidentification, but still it was no success. But this time was different, while a few of the other people writing the essay noticed my little escapade, the teacher remained entirely ignorant of it. In the end I was able to write a four page essay and to clear a considerable number of lines in Tetris (I’ve forgotten the exact amount). Now, I have a feeling I know what you’re thinking and that’s that the essay must’ve been rather poorly written and mostly nonsense, but on the contrary, this was the highest grade I ever got for a practise History essay (a low C/high D, I did, however, manage a C overall in the subject). So perhaps playing Tetris was so stimulating that it made me think more clearly and so therefore I was able to write to a higher standard than before. Who knows? What I will say before I end this entry is that had this been a subject I actually enjoyed (say English or Philosophy) I wouldn’t have been so reckless with a practise essay!
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