The Crazy Misadventure of my iPod

A few years ago, during the time of my GCSE exams, I was sitting in the exam hall and preparing for my Food Technology exam. The exam itself had some extremely easy questions, for example the multiple choice question “What can you expect to buy in a coffee shop?” the correct answer being ‘coffee’, but the easiness of this exam isn’t what today’s entry is about.
    The exam board has some rather strict rules about their exams, basically boiling down to one rule which is ‘If you have anything on you, or talk to other people, you will be disqualified’ and it just so happens that I realised my iPod was still in my pocket while the invigilator was explaining the procedure of the exam to everybody. When she got to the point where they said “Please double check your pockets for any items and put them in your bags at the front” I got up and did just that…
    Or at least I thought I’d done just that, it turns out that somebody else in the exam happened to have the exact same bag as me and I had absentmindedly put my iPod in their bag. Unfortunately this didn’t become apparent to me until much later in the day. When I did find out I was, obviously, very shocked. It was still moderately new back then and I used it practically all the time, thus meaning that I’d have to pay £150 odd for a replacement if it was lost.
    I used Facebook to ask everyone in my Cooking class (who I could remember) about whether they’d suddenly found an iPod in their bag, but none of them had. Indeed, none of them even said they had the same bag as me… I almost gave up hope of finding it again, but then, after one of my other exams I was strolling past the cooking room on my way home. As I did so, my cooking teacher knocked on the window and gave me a signal to come in, so I did. When I came in, I was happy to see my iPod in her hands. I expected to hear that somebody else in the class had heard about it and then found my iPod in my bag, but then she explained to me how one of her Year 8 students had found an iPod lying in the middle of the school field right before one of her lessons and given it to her, not knowing what to do, she had heard of my iPod going missing and kept it for when she next saw me. But there’s no explanation as to how it ended up in the middle of the school field, or who the other bag belonged to… I guess I’ll never know.
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