Back in 2007, a lot of people used to jokingly suggest that I was gay. In 2010 I’d occasionally get people asking me quite seriously whether or not I was, for example I once went to a party and made a new friend and she said eventually “So, you’re gay right?” Now, in 2013, it seems that the Corsham teenagers cannot contain themselves when they see me and so find themselves shouting out derogatory words that connote homosexuality. If somebody knew my very well, they may be able to take several instances out of context and make a small case for my alleged homosexuality, for example:
– A male once made out with me (I was quite unwilling).
– I’ve had a male masturbating quite openly, only a few meters away from me (again, I was no willing part of that).
– I have quite an obsession with actor Richard Thomas.
– I once had a boyfriend (though for only a few minutes! Sheesh, that was a close one.)
and other smaller similar points that I’m may be forgetting (the heterosexuality list is probably even shorter). Just for the record, I am not homosexual, but I’m very curious to know what it is about me that makes so many people instantly think I am. It’s not that I want to know so that I can stop doing it (I’d quite happily walk through the streets holding hands with a male and wearing a dress if I ever had the urge(not that somebody doing that would necessarily be homosexual)) but sheer curiosity makes me wonder what it is that brings people to these incorrect conclusions. It’s nice, in a way, that people don’t assume heterosexuality, but then again it’s wrong to assume any sexuality of anybody, I personally tend to make no conclusions until somebody tells me. But, yes, I’ve gone off on a tangent; this is just something I’ve been wondering about lately.

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