Top 5 Songs by Chris Hunter

I have mentioned before that my good friend Chris Hunter is a young and upcoming musician. In order to help him get a few more listeners, I have decided to write an entry on, what I consider to be, the best five songs recorded by him so far. I’ll also include links to them on his SoundCloud page so that you can all listen and make your own decisions! All of these songs are entirely original, I have decided not to include any covers, but he has covers too.

5. Intense Whispering
Now, this is pure speculation, but this song seems to me to be about the negative effects of spreading rumours. I may be entirely wrong, but then again musical enjoyment is partly down to your own interpretations and I certainly enjoy the message of the song, even if it may only be there in my imagination! Quite a sad song too, like much of Chris’s work.

4. Break It Down
One of Chris’s most recent songs, and it’s quite happy and upbeat too! As I said, most of Chris’s songs are quite sad, so this is a refreshing change. This is very catchy and just generally enjoyable and there’s not much more I can add to that.

3. Addicted
This song is both quite sad, and also quite catchy which is, in my oppinion, a rather nice combination! In the song, the singer is quite down on himself, and it’s a feeling that I’m sure everybody has had at some point and so will be able to relate to. I find it quite hard to explain why it is that I like this, but there’s a certain quality that this song has which makes it a very nice listen.

2. Heart of the Storm
This is a pretty sad song, probably Chris’s saddest, and I think it’s been done very well. I find that, sometimes, you’ll listen to a song and you’ll know that it’s supposed to be a sad song, but you won’t really feel anything, because it’s not being sucessfully emotionally engaging,

1. Rich!
This song is also on iTunes, so, if you want to support Chris, go there and download it! This is far from his most serious song (a light hearted, upbeat song about how the singer wants to be rich) but it’s so catchy and fun, that I can’t help but like it. As Chris described it to me, it’s a parody of modern pop music, and a very good one at that too. I find myself listening to this on many a bus ride.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading/listening through this countdown 🙂

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