Joycean Bus Ride

Oh, bus is here. Better get on. Show the man the bus pass then find a seat. Comfy in here, buses are nice. Gonna be a while before I arrive. Read maybe? What? Yes, quite right. Ulysses by James Joyce. Bit silly really. Hmm does feel chilly.                         Hhhuuuhhhhhuuuu. Nice long yawn. Nearly here yet? No, Must remember to update my blog. Maybe I could write a parody of that darned Joycean writing style. Nah. Terrible idea. A tad cold today. What is cold? Opposite of heat. Dear oh dear, why am I still reading? Monday today. Monenday in Middle English. Means Moon’s Day. Moon. Moon. Satellite. Neil Armstrong. Man who walked on the Moon’s celestial body. All a conspiracy some say. Gosh, golly and darn, this book has some boring segments. Opps, must be careful what I say, to quote Rose Burton “Girls who say gosh, golly and darn will end up living in a barn!” good old The Waltons. I must finish reading it all. When I’m done I can listen to my iPod. Apple makes iPods. Steven Jobs, former owner of the company, now deceased. 1955-2011. Death, that’s the one inevitability of life. Death and taxes, as they say, Or, death, taxes, and finding James Joyce a little tedious. Heh heh. Only joking. He’s not that bad. Or is he? Hhhuuuhhhhhuuuu another yawn. Why am I yawning? I’m not tired, I’m full of porridge and water, that’s practically pure energy! Energy, now, there’s an issue. What will happen to the world when the oil is gone? Oh, good, I’ve read ten pages now, that’s enough, music time.
    And, a short while later, young Adam Randall departed from his bus and prepared himself for the next bus ride.

Note: This entry might seem very strange. For those of you who don’t get it: I decided to write up my bus journey into university for this blog entry, but I wrote it in the style of James Joyce, rather than my own style.

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