Late for a Lecture

_ I usually like to arrive at my university for lectures or seminars an hour or three early. Just yesterday I decided I’d risk this and left at 3 p.m. for a lecture at 5 p.m. (the journey there taking up to two hours). I tried to keep track of time, and, looking at my watch, I realised that I had time for lunch between my first bus ride and my second one (it taking two bus rides from my house to get to the university).
    Unfortunately, I wasn’t making as good time as I’d thought I was. It turns out that my wrist watch had become slow and was no longer able to keep time properly. I might set it, then ten minutes later it would be five minutes slow, then twenty minutes later it would be  ten minutes slow… and on. It was when I was waiting for my second bus that I realised my watches faults, and I looked at the screen of my mobile phone and saw it had a time on it which was ten minutes different from my watch… But I also knew that my phone’s time was somewhat fast, so it was hard to discern what the actual time was (I’m lost without my pocket watch).
    Anywho, when I arrived at the university I walked rather hurriedly to the lecture hall, I assumed that I was late, or at least, barely making it on time. I opened the door and it seemed that my assumptions had been correct; somebody was at the front of the hall talking and practically all of the seats were taken. I approached the seat nearest to the door and several people started laughing, surely I wasn’t that late? Or maybe my flies were just open or something?
    “Ah, you may as well just sit down,” the lecturer said to me, everyone now stopping to look at me.
    “Yes, sorry I’m late,” I said, sitting down and getting my laptop out of my bag to start making notes. Unfortunately though, as soon as I’d said that I got a glimpse of what was being projected on the board, it was something about the crime rates in the UK… Hardly the subject they’d be dealing with in a Creative Writing lecture.
    “Actually,” I said to the lecturer as I stood up again, “I think I’m in the wrong place, I’m going to leave.”
    “Are you sure?” she asked. “We’re doing crime! It’s really interesting!”
    “Yes I can see that,” I gestured towards the large projection about crime rates, “but crime’s not really my thing. I think I’m going to have to leave.”
    I started walking away, not expecting another reply.
    “Ah come on!” she said. “It is really interesting, if you just sit down and watch you’ll see! What could be more interesting than crime?”
    “Alright, when I get home, I’ll search ‘crime’ on Wikipedia and see what comes up. I’m looking forward to it if it’s really as interesting as you say! Anywho, I really have to go! Goodbye!” While I had said that, I had walked towards the door so that by the time I’d finished talking I was at the door and ready to leave without having to prolong my conversation with this lecturer.
    It turns out that, rather than being late, I was actually early. I had been in the right place but my lecture hadn’t even started yet and the previous lecture was still happening. This was just one of a few interesting things that happened to me yesterday, I also got to see a badger, had a musical bus ride and befriended a homeless person, but they’re all things for future blog entries! (or not, as the case may be).

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