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About a month or so ago, my friend TülinKei (that’s their pen name) wrote a blog entry (on Rainbow Kokoro, I’ve not posted a link to this one before, but then again, she does have about fifty seven blogs or something like that) and I really quite liked it. Basically, there were about ten YouTube videos of songs and they’d all be chosen to display her taste in music, through it I actually found quite a few songs that I now quite like so I’m going to do the same thing! Here are a few very different songs, if you listen to all of them I’m sure you’ll find at least one which you’ll rather like, I sure hope that you do!

Did you like any of them? I’ve tried to link to these songs’ official uploads, but they don’t all have them so some of these are actually illegal uploads and will probably be deleted in the future so that’ll be the explanation if one or two videos don’t work for you.
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