Let’s Turn Blue Monday Into Beige Monday

Today is “Blue Monday” and for those who don’t know what that means, it’s supposedly the most depressing day of the year. With that in mind, I thought it worthwhile to focus on positivity instead. I had a think about what was the happiest colour (in contrast to the gloominess of blue) and I realised that it was beige. So I shall rechristen Blue Monday as Beige Monday and here’s a list of happy things which have happened to me in recent times:

  • I watched a live stream of a video game for the first time ever. It was conducted by a good friend of mine and, in fact, was dedicated to me. The first time anything has ever been dedicated to me, so that’s pretty touching and memorable.
  • After a potentially frustrating experience, I messaged a friend to tell them that I’d tell them about it later. They replied “Okay, but first I just want to be sure you’re okay” and I think that reflects a very considerate and empathetic perspective. I was touched.
  • It turned out that a friend of a friend is friends with one of the lead character designers on Donkey Kong Country which lead to me getting a signed poster telling me to “keep monkeying around” and now, I feel, I can never stop doing that.
  • Meeting somebody new at a job early last year, I had the impression they didn’t much care for me. Fair enough – each to their own. However, I managed to turn this around. Just three months later they came up behind me to give me a hug for being “so sweet.”
  • At a wedding, I was socialising with some new people. One of them asked me why I don’t drink alcohol so I told her that I am always filled with a natural giddiness and excitement simply as a result of being alive. As we said goodbye, she said that she agreed that I did indeed carry with me a natural giddiness and excitement. It’s good to be affirmed in this.

So that’s five nice experiences which are pleasant to look back on Beige Monday. I hope that you will take the opportunity to look back on moments that made you happy in the recent past and that you got through the day with high spirits.

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