Dancing Queen

Lately, I’ve felt the need to record in writing some of the more positive experiences I’ve had in life. I know I have written extensively about bad experiences I’ve had when visiting night clubs, but the truth is that a couple of the times that I’ve been have actually been pretty good.

Today I’d like to talk about a visit I made to a nightclub in Bath along with my new (at the time) friends, Sarah and Edward in 2016. It was for Sarah’s birthday and birthdays are one of the occasions on which I will always go to a nightclub if asked.

Prior to this, I never really ‘got’ dancing in clubs. I just couldn’t quite understand what the appeal was. But on that night, something clicked. The three of us were taking each other by the hands and twirling ourselves around and I honestly felt like I was merging into the general positive energy omitted by the mass of club goers. I wasn’t just me, I was part of something bigger.

I was in the moment and I was loving it. At the time, I had a particularly bad employer and it was great deal of stress and frustration. But as I was dancing, it all drained away. None of the concerns I had at the time seemed relevant anymore – I was living in the moment to an extent that I had never done before.

The song Dancing Queen by ABBA came on and I felt like it was very appropriate. I finally understood dancing. I understood that it was a form of non-verbal communication and interaction – a bonding activity. A new and different experience for me. I was the dancing queen. It was wonderful.

Before that day, I had a specific routine for any time that I was coaxed out onto the dance floor by friends. I’d simply bend my knees and bob myself up and down gently – The Gentleman’s All-Purpose Dance Procedure, I used to call it, or; the Randy Rave, as my friends used to call it. But following that particularly pleasant evening – a time of high energy, of bonding with two friends I’d soon count among my very best, of letting all of life’s worries drain away – I do make the effort to dance when I find myself in those contexts. I now understand the purpose and the value and any experience which helps me to learn and to experience new things is a very positive one. So, if you’re not much of a dancer, I hope that one day you’ll be able to make this same revelation one day.

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