Living Together

About three months ago, I moved to Bath (as I had always wanted to) and started living with my friend Sophie). I used to think that living alone would always be the best living arrangement, but I really like living Sophie and am glad that I do not live alone.

There is, however, one aspect of it which I hadn’t foreseen. Friends of mine will know that when it comes to say goodbye, I’m bad at stopping the conversation. I draw it out and have very long goodbye speeches before I go. Inevitably, I’ll have a bus or train to catch and then I’ll have to dash off to avoid missing it (which I never do).

But living with a friend means I have no reason to stop. Sophie and I can just end up talking for hours. One time even until 4am! On the one hand it’s excellent. I love it. On the other, I can sometimes by quite shocked at how much time has passed.

I suppose a good analogy is a bowl of crisps at a party. You sit near it, you take one. You think you’ll only have a few. You have one more. One more. Before you know it the whole bowl is gone. That – except with conversation. You may feel a bit guilty that the bowl is empty, but you enjoyed every second you spent eating those crisps.

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