MeetMe Review

There days, I don’t have any friends. Well, I suppose that’s not strictly true; I still have one or two friends, but they’re all quite busy so I usually go weeks between socialising. As somebody who is very social, you can see why I am very keen to meet new people and make new friends. One website that I wanted to try was called MeetMe.
   I thought MeetMe seemed pretty good, because it was just about the only website made for meeting new people which wasn’t based around dating and the creation of romantic relationships. Having said that, once I was on there it seemed that the majority of people were looking for potential romantic partners anyway, which was a shame. Why not just use Tinder or something which was designed specifically to be a dating site? Nonetheless, there were quite a lot of people that I did get a chance to talk to.
   So did I find it useful? Sadly, not at all. There were so, so many people on there who were hugely sexist, racist or who were just otherwise ignorant of others and a large number of people who were aggressively sexual. A lot of people lied and a lot of people were rude. It was an all too common sight to find somebody writing a fairly regular status (in many ways the service works like Facebook) only to have really harsh responses. Bullying was far too common. There were a few people who I ended up chatting to on Skype; they always tended to put a lot of pressure on me to go on camera and talk to them physically (or other, much worse things!) when it wasn’t something I was able to do/wanted to do. A lot of them shared some very intense personal information with me, and I tried hard to offer good advice for their problems, but then they’d unexpectedly disappear. Finally, a large number of people just didn’t reply.
   Generally, I found the MeetMe community to reflect some of the ugliest aspects of humanity. If you are looking to make new friends, I would not use this; it will just be a waste of time. I don’t want to generalise the whole group, but I could understand why a lot of the people on there didn’t have friends. Funnily enough, I’ve met lots of new people in ‘real life’ without this website while I was on it; sadly, due to various circumstances, they’ve all ended up being people I only got to see once or twice and the issue of having no friends is still a problem… but at least I don’t use MeetMe anymore!
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