Nuclear Annihilation

As it has been a subject in the news lately, I’ve been thinking about the subject of nuclear annihilation and, more specifically, the morality of it. Of course, I think that firing a nuclear weapon pre-emptively is completely unjustifiable, but what about in circumstances where one has already been launched and is headed in your direction? Is it then right to send one back in retaliation? Well, no, I really don’t think that it is. The majority of people killed in a nuclear attack will be innocent civilians. To be honest, if you knew you were going to be incinerated by a nuclear bomb, why would it make you feel any better to know that another country full of innocent people was also going to meet that same fate? If anything, it will only make you feel worse. What would it do, other than to make a tragedy even bigger? That’s why the whole idea of nuclear weapons is totaly absurd to me.

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