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I apologise for this entry being posted after midnight again. In my defence, writing a fresh post every day is very hard to do! Especially if they’re all supposed to be interesting and good!

Anywho, one of the things that was put into my suggestion box was that I write more about the time I went clubbing. I’ll just give you a quick anecdote about the drunken adventures of my friend Elliott Egan and I shortly after the events of the post ‘Toilet’.

As you’ll know if you read it, he was very dangerously drunk, not safe to be left alone. But unfortunately he escaped from me and ran off to pee somewhere far away. As I watched him run away I couldn’t help but worry that he’d jump down the twenty to thirty foot drop a little further along and not have somebody to restrain him. Luckily, he didn’t jump over and was able to find a secluded area to urinate, though on the downside he did vomit over the wall, down to where some people were happily sitting and enjoying the night. But to look on the bright side again, the vomit didn’t land on them, it only landed near them, so they could just have moved.

When he finally got back to me he said “I’m just going to head down there to that burger stand and get a burger!” he ran off again. About half an hour later I looked around the corner to see this burger stand, my logic being that he’d been gone half an hour and I highly doubted that it would have many customers are 2:30 a.m. Unfortunately, around the corner there was no burger stand in site, which was somewhat alarming considering the state he was in. I mentioned it to a few people; nobody seemed to know of any burger stand, until finally somebody told me that there was one not that far away. (Incidentally, while I was asking people about it I met two people. One of whom kept talking about paedophiles.)

Eventually, Egan returned, holding a bag with a burger in it. However, for Egan there was some confusion as to the contents of the bag as he kept insisting that it was a bag of chips, while everybody else could see that it was a bag with a burger in it. Egan then tried to eat it as if it were a bag of chips, resulting in the burger falling, totally uneaten, to the floor. Egan then decided to fulfil another desire of his and went to talk to some females and as you can tell from this entry, his drunken seduction skills didn’t bring him much success. But I won’t go into details… At least not in this post.

The same suggestion that asked me to write more about the time I went to the clubs also asked me whether I would go again. To answer the question I would say that I will go again, it’s good thing to do to collect stories for my blog and it is nice to get to socialise with all the people who go (even if I don’t particularly like meeting up in big crowds.)

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