The Fly

It’s been very hot lately, and that means that it is also very hard to get to sleep. Quite often I have spent hours trying to find a position in my bed which is both relatively cool and relatively comfortable. However, luckily for me, last night I had one of those nights where you’re very tired and, no matter what, can easily drop off to sleep.
    I was literally second away from being asleep, I could feel myself going. But I was abruptly brought back into being fully awake by the buzzing noise of a fly. A fly that was very close by. I waved my hand around and the buzzing stopped. I assumed I had heard the last of it. I then tried, for quite some time to find a position that I would be able to sleep in. Eventually I found one, and was happy that I could now start going to sleep again. Then the fly started buzzing again.
    But, first, let me please explain the way that this fly buzzed; when you imagine a general fly buzz you imagine something that isn’t really all that bad right? But this fly didn’t buzz like a regular fly. If you imagine that a fly’s buzz is its voice, then the way that this fly sounded was the way that a fly’s voice would sound if it were whining. It sounded almost like the stock sound effect of a fly that you’d hear on a bad sitcom that has silly scenes with flies because it isn’t very well written.
    The anticipation that the fly would make another irritating buzz kept me up, literally, for another hour. But in that time it didn’t buzz! Horray! It must have left my room; why else would it be silent for over an hour?
    So I found a comfortable position and was just falling down into sleep again, just as I had been before the fly first woke me up. Any second I would be asleep… Then the fly started its whiny buzz again. The whole process repeated.
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