Here’s an extra post for today. I’m currently in a Creative Writing lecture and five minutes of the sound of a rainforest (or something like that) was played and we were told to write about what we hear. It’s not that impressive, but here’s what I wrote:

A forest is full of life, it can be heard through its cacophony. Frogs, insects, birds, they all contribute to the beautiful music of nature that gently flows from the places on the Earth which have yet to be touched by the hand of man. There’re lives in these forests people can’t even begin to fathom, from the ants living inside an immense nest within a tree, to the beaver which has made an abode by digging a tunnel from the bottom of a river. Here the Earth is as it was one hundred thousand years ago, it is entirely unchanged, these awe inspiring locations give us a window into the ancient past, a time when there was absolute freedom, there was no worry of war, hate, race, religion, sexuality, economics or anything that humanity bothers itself with today. We cannot help but write down or recreate the beautiful world that surrounds us, it’s our vain hope to create something which embodies only a fraction of the sheer perfection that emanates from the natural world. To see this place is to see the universe pure and untempered. 
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