Old Writings 2 (TWAC Day 10)

_ Today I’m going to post another piece of festive writing written by my eleven year old self in 2004. This is a Christmassy short story (again, totally unedited) that I wrote just a few days before the previously posted ‘The History of Xmas Trees’.  It’s called ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events at Christmas in Fox City’:

On Christmas Eve Father Christmas’s elves where on strike because they work all day of the year with no pay or food so no toys, DVDs, videos, computer games or food so Father Christmas had to get a whole town to make the presents “I know I’ll get Fox City to do it for me cus if they don’t they’ll get no presents.” He said. So he got into his sleigh and flew to Fox City.
“Oh it’s Father Christmas he’s come early.” Said Fox 2 “Attention Fox Cityans you are all on the naughty list unless you make all the presents, you see my elves are on strike so even if you don’t do it and your name isn’t on the bad list you’ll get no presents.” Said Farther Christmas, so the whole town went off with him.
You know how on TV you see Farther Christmas’s Elves as really happy little people making presents well maybe it’s true but he treated Fox City like slaves “Ow stop whipping me. I’ll get my lawyer on you.” Said Bobby. They were sent back late and because of that Farther Christmas was late so when he got to Fox City he just lobbed down the presents, Professor Nerb’s present (which was a Tiny Monster which grew giant when heated) went down a chimney and grew and started to destroy the town Dr. Z’s present was a dooms day missile also went down a chimney then went flying into the air then came down and blew up Fox City.

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