Quality Street Tins (TWAC Day 11)

_ These, in my opinion, are one of the best gifts that you can be given on Christmas day. I can’t really explain why I like these so much as a Christmas gift, but I’m going to try and use this blog entry to explain.
First, there’s the taste of Quality Street chocolates. I’m sure you may say “Hmm, well what’s so special about a Quality Street tin? It’s just a cheap gift people will get you when they don’t know what you actually like, it’s not even fancy chocolate like Thornton’s!” and while it may be true that people will buy you a Quality Street tin if they don’t really know what you want, if people know what I want, I’ll definitely be getting at least one Quality Street tin. They may not be the fanciest chocolate in the world, but somehow, the taste of fresh Quality Street sweets is something which is utterly delicious and, in my mind, inexplicably linked to Christmas.
Now imagine this little scene: Christmas is now over, it’s early afternoon Boxing Day, you don’t have people opening gifts you’ve bought them to look forward to, you already know that they loved what you bought them. You’re probably feeling a little sad that you have to wait another three hundred and sixty-four days until another Christmas rolls along, so you decide to try out the DVDs/books/CDs/video games that’ve been bought for you and end up realising that Christmas doesn’t end at midnight on the twenty-fifth of December. Depending on the length of your holidays, you’ve probably got a whole week off in which to relax and indulge in your gift. So while you’re watching/reading/listening to/playing with your new possessions, you decide also to open your Quality Street tin, taking one of them and eating it every so often… Pure Ecstasy!
I think this, perhaps, is why I like them so much, they always remind me of the total leisurely feeling of Christmas time, one that you don’t quite get at birthdays.

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