Old Writings (TWAC Day 6)

For today’s Christmassy entry, I have decided to post a piece of Christmassy writing of mine from 2004. For an English lesson, I was put in a group of people and together we were given the task of making a Christmas themed magazine. One part of the magazine I had to write was an article on the history of Christmas trees… This is what I wrote. As you’ll soon see, I quickly got distracted and wrote a very weird/random/bad story using some characters of mine. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the writing of my eleven year old self! So here’s my (entirely unedited) festive story ‘The History of Xmas Trees’:

One day in the 7th century there was a monk from Devonshire who went to Germany to teach about God. He was very good; he spent a lot of time in Thuringia that became the first place to have Christmas decorations. Legend has it that he put out a fir tree and called it “God’s Tree.” Trees got decorations when Martin Luther put candles on a tree to explain how stars work.
“So that is the history of Christmas trees.” Said Mr. Suttonman then Fox 2jr threw a football at Mr. Suttonman “That’s boring teach us about the Grinch!” said Fox 2jr “No… that’s… boring.” Said Mr. Suttonman, Meanwhile in a huge robot Farther Christmas Dr. Z was thinking up an evil plan “I shall pour a powder over the town that would bring all the Christmas trees to life and turn them evil MWHAHAHAHAAAA!”
Fox 2 was at his house selling Christmas trees when a huge Robot Farther Christmas flew over in a sleigh being pulled by robot dragons and then a load of powder came down and the trees grew into giants and started destroying the town. Bobby ran off to Professor Nerb to tell him about the tragedy but he did already know because he did live in the town.
“The only way we can stop them is with Farther Christmas but if he was a giant and it’s such a coincidence that I just invented a pill that makes you a giant.” Said Professor Nerb so they went to the North Pole. “Um Father Christmas would you stop these giant Christmas trees or my whole town will be dead… and after all it is Christmas.” Said Bobby “O.K.” said Farther Christmas so he ate the pills then grew giant and threw the pills away and went to Fox City and killed the trees.
The pills he threw away went to the planet Unowat and the Unowatiens ate and had a war with Earth many were killed.
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