Cross-Eyed Crazy (TWAC Day 7)

For today’s Christmas themed entry I have a bizarre little anecdote for you, one which contains an (un)intriguing medical mystery.
    It was a Saturday during mid-December (2010) and my family and I were watching a Korean film before we went to bed. The film was pretty good actually, I mean, it did featuring pretty shocking things like people having their teeth pulled out, men eating live octopi, and probably nudity too, but it still managed to be a good film, so I guess that says something for it.
    Anyway, the film ended and everyone went off to bed. I went into the bathroom so that I could brush my teeth before going to sleep, but when I was in there something very strange happened. Seemingly for no reason, I went completely cross-eyed. My newfound cross-eyed-ness meant it was rather difficult to see properly, so I wandered over to the bathroom mirror to see just how bad my eyes were. When looking at my reflection I was able to make my eyes normal again by aligning them with what I saw in the mirror, but this far from solved the problem. I’d become very dizzy when I went cross-eyed, and while my eyes may have been straight again,  it was almost as if the two of them weren’t in sync with one another, I still couldn’t really see properly.
    I staggered into my bedroom, and planned to turn off my laptop. I realised I was still on MSN talking to somebody so I said goodbye and tried to sign out. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t just by balance and vision that had been impaired; it seemed as if my mind wasn’t working properly either. As you probably know, to use MSN you have to type in a password, but, for some reason, I was thinking I needed to do that as well to sign off. So I mistyped my password to my friend about four times (luckily they didn’t realise what I was doing) and got increasingly confused as to why it wasn’t signing out. In the end I just held down the power button on the laptop so that it turned off.
    The next morning I still hadn’t fully recovered, I still had a strange feeling of dizziness and of being light headed, so I felt a little odd while we were all putting up the Christmas decorations. Luckily, by the evening it had totally passed. But this is by far one of the strangest things ever to have happened to me, the best way for me to describe what initially happened was that it felt like being drunk (a feeling I am ashamed to admit I have experienced before), but how on Earth could this have happened? I guess we’ll never know, and I guess it’s unimportant too since I’ve been fine since then.
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